Founder/ President of the Advisory office for Coordination with BRICS

Meeting today with Mr. Johannes van der Klaauw. UNHCR Representative

Meeting today with Mr. Johannes van der Klaauw. UNHCR Representative Featured

Meeting today with Mr. Johannes van der Klaauw. UNHCR Representative, to Present our Advisory office vision on treating with IDPs & Refuges crisis. More about the meeting is at the Arabic post.

The Vision presented;

There is no doubt that the IDPS and refuge crisis is the first result of war, aggression, and natural disasters that erupted the humanitarian and economic situation in both displacement and refugee areas such as what Yemen faces during last Years so, this problem lead to very huge displacement movements between provinces, rural areas, and even outside Yemen for looking of shelters to protect themselves against summer heat and winter cold, searching for essential substances from food and water, and to avoid deviation toward terrorism.


We are Al-Fouad solutions targets with BRICS economic vision to make an extreme efforts to introduce displaced people issue for all segments of society and how can be dealed with Its roots economically. Furthermore, we deeply wish that our team members in Al-Fouad and its advisory office with the coordination of BRICS will win and grant to them the bright future for decent life. We are summarizing our vision through diverse aspects:

1- Identify the importance of displacement issue in all institution’s activities and workshops in order to popularizing the issue among the whole community and organizations which are involved in displacement and refuges affairs to reach the maximum point of arrangement of strategies and programs that aims to get the best solutions for the issue according to the comprehensive national dialogue outputs which spot the light on the case and its implication from the beginning of its session to reach the ideal solution.


2- Identify BRICS system and provide the consultations through delivering the essential awareness about the new Silk Road. Consequently, this road aims to be considered as the inspiring project for IDPS that will motivate him/her to face life challenge instead of small projects by encouraging bigger, clearer and, more comprehensive vision to include the continuous displacement movement for more than a year as aresultof the complicated living and security situation.


3- Advocate the reconstruction bank vision which depends on the credit system that aims to improve the quality and the production elements, help them to participate in labor market, and begin to establish their life far from the current bank philosophy that affects both normal and displaced citizen negatively.


4- The importance of new economical system training for all citizens especially the displaced individual instead of current system that faces rapidly collapse with passage of days. Also, we have to link them for a system depends on their skills so they can represent themselves as a fundamental part for the country’s progress and prosperity.


5- The importance of silk road and its needs for a huge group of workers from multiple fields whom are highly trained for both administrative and technical tasks.


6- Integration of the displaced category of people with the community and mobilize potential at all institutions which targets to enable the IDPS to be ( nationally producer, social entrepreneur, economically strong, healthy, scientifically provider) and change him/her from a receptionist to donor and from an unemployment to an effective, and highly skilled employment.


In simple, coinciding with the efforts around the world to introduce the importance of silk road, Al-Fouad solutions (the advisory office with coordination of BRICS) from the previous speech wish to change this written vision to visible reality and actions in case of availability of will and help from the competent authorities.