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Schiller Institute and the New Silk Road in Egypt

Schiller Institute and the New Silk Road in Egypt Featured

Schiller Institute and the New SIlk Road in Egypt * *

Egyptian Transportation Ministry sponsored launching of Arabic version of EIR Special Report, "The New Silk Road Becomes the World Landbridge"

Cairo, March 17,2016- The Egyptian Transportation Ministry sponsored an event to launch the Arabic translation of the EIR Special Report "The New Silk Road Becomes the World Land Bridge" today at the headquarters of the Ministry in Cairo.

Transportation Minister Dr. Saad El Geyoushi personally headed the seminar, and introduced Hussein Askary, the Southwest Asia specialist at EIR and representative of the Schiller Institute. Both in his introductory remarks and commentary on Askary's presentation, Dr. El Geyoushi expressed total concordance with the idea of the New Silk Road, and his government's plans to integrate Egypt's transportation networks to the New Silk Road dynamic. He also stated that the Egyptian government is intending to invest one trillion Egyptian Pounds ($100 billion) in roads and railways, both to develop Egypt's transportation network, and also to connect Egypt to Asia and, most importantly, to Africa to the south.

The event was attended by many top experts and advisors of the Ministry, other institutions, and several Egyptian media. The Chinese Arabic television channel CCTV-Arabic interviewed Askary there, as did other tv stations. Several additional seminars and events are planned.

Askary is seated to the left of the Minister: