Founder/ President of the Advisory office for Coordination with BRICS

Al Fouad Solutions


In no way did the heart- (AL Fouad) lie about what it saw. AlNajm 11cover-book We started the career journey depending on central and direct communication, 

taking into consideration that we are in the communication era, where ever the communicator reaches the soul of others first in a strong and time efficient way, you can be sure that it will be delivered in a technical and literary way.

Communication flows from industrious thought to build whatever is necessary for the parties that own the decision, then it completes the symmetry progressively, because no one can argue with an industrious thought. However, understanding the aim of the literary beginning which underlines ALFouad, pivots ALFouad as a partner, to conquer the project from the beginning with dignity and responsibility.

An industrious language sheds light on production because depending on the financial soul and essence, which is looking for establishing a consultative center for the mind, establishes gradually and strategically to achieve the project fad in life and industry.


Possessing different forms of communications that are each separate, is a real machine for manufacturing, depending on the morals, which determine the ability to control with them. Al Fouad cares to choose its friends and puts in place a good plan for good success, towards bringing investment to Yemen as one of the most important missions and one of honorable duty.


- Chairwomen.
- General Manager.
- Officer of GM Office.
- Consultant Board.
- Executive Manager.
- Department of Legal Affairs .
- Admin and Finance Department.
- Department of Business Development & IT
- Department of Electronic Marketing.
- Assistant Departments.


- Industrial & Legal Consulting.
- External Engineering Consulting.
- Commercial Agencies and Specialist Services.
- Social responsibility.